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hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions

Restore Password Security

We help businesses and People stop cyber theft

Cyber Thieves have a Time Advantage

Authentication technology has not kept pace with the sophistication, tools, and skills of cyber thieves. Time is on their side

Weak, reused, and exposed credentials

Bad password practices and data breaches expose over 9 billion accounts to takeover and loss

Antiquated login systems using static credentials

Login systems using static credentials are targets for thieves who have an advantage of time to break protective security

Vulnerable text messaging of visible 2FA codes

SMS text messages sent with visible 2FA codes to mobile devices is vulnerable to multiple cyber attacks

Login credentials that seldom (or never) change lose their security strength over time

Could It Happen To You?

Could a data breach happen to you ? Or to your business?

Absolutely! Over two thirds of online users in the US have been victims of at least one data breach. Anyone and any business is vulnerable. Even brands with large IT budgets and security professionals could not protect themselves.

Are passwords really to blame?

Not entirely. We researched some of the largest data breaches and found a lot of vulnerabilities exist. But we also discovered something surprising...

The real problem is the login system 

We discovered the "password problem" is really a problem with the login systems and static credentials that give cyber thieves the advantage of time

big data breaches at major global brands tell us authentication is broken

Password Hopping® creates dynamic passwords - passwords with short lifetimes - to reclaim time as an advantage for stronger security

Who is hopr?

We help people and businesses stop cyber thieves at the login page using dynamic passwords for stronger and simpler security 

PassHopr is login system using active credentials powered by password hopping

PassHopr and Password Hopping®

Simple and Strong Dynamic Passwords for greater security

What the Experts Say

"This is a very clever solution to a big problem. I know just about every solution out there and there is nothing out there like it.“

Jay W., CEO & IEEE Fellow

"This is very appealing.  I wish we could have considered this as an option six months ago before we chose our current hardware solution"

Mike M., CIO,  US Defense  Contractor

"I am a big fan of moving- target defenses.  This is an elegant yet very simple solution to a challenging problem that faces many businesses"

Matt D., CISO, Major Global retailer