hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions

about hopr

hopr (pronounced 'hop-per') helps businesses stop cyber thieves and win customer loyalty at the login page by using our patent pending password hopping™ system to rob thieves of their time advantage while eliminating customer friction at login

Our story

hopr was born from pain. hopr's founder, Tom McNamara, experienced a succession of data and privacy losses from data breaches at institutions he thought he could trust. In 2016, almost like a gift, he conceived of password hopping™ as a possible solution. Like many of you, he was frustrated by the complicated and inconsistent policies for online passwords, and saw the growing string of "data breach" news stories as evidence that most businesses could not be trusted with protecting the valuable personal information of their customers. The concern became more acute as he watched the security industry's promotion of biometric authentication as a replacement for passwords. The idea that we might someday be entrusting our irreplaceable biometric data to businesses was frightening.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Our Mission

At hopr we're passionate about three things: our security, simplicity, and our customers. We know that trust must be earned. We follow the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and it drives our commitment to simply improve the privacy and security of people and businesses who live in a digitally interconnected world. We know the frustration of failed security practices at the login page and the feeling of aggravation when when first notified that personal data was stolen months ago. We are committed to build a future free of such experiences.

Our home

hopr is located in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area near the focal point of U.S. Federal cybersecurity activities in Howard County, Maryland. We draw on the talent and skills of technical specialists familiar with information technology and security to build and provide exceptional information security technology that helps people and businesses safely operate in cyberspace.

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