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Frequently Asked Questions

Password Hopping® is hopr's patent pending system that uses 'formulas' to construct strong, short-lived passwords and automatically replaces (hops) them on a secret schedule.  It provides stronger security and users only need to remember their formula. 

A formula is a collection of simple rules (instructions) that define how a password is constructed. Formulas are created by users in our guided process. It starts with identifying the source and location for words "hidden in plain sight," and users may include a variety of alterations to highly personalize their formula.

For security to be effective, it must be simple for users. With password hopping® time is a key element of security strength. Users create simple formulas to produce shorter easy-to-use passwords without jeopardizing their security. And they only need to remember their simple formula to construct their password from information readily available to them.

No. PassHopr reduces the need for password managers. A user's passwords are managed automatically by their formula. And with PassHopr, no passwords are stored so they are not vulnerable to theft as might be the case with a password manager.

First, security is a combination of the password and its short-lifetime, rather than the password length or complexity alone.

Secondly, password hopping® robs cyber thieves of their advantage of time when passwords are stolen because the password will likely be obsolete before they can crack its hash and misuse the password.

Thirdly, when PassHopr is used as the complete login system for a business, there are no stored passwords to be misused or stolen. And employee work passwords are segregated from personal passwords

PassHopr is for both businesses and users (consumers). PassHopr builds a partnership between businesses and users to mutually improve the security at the login page and protect valuable assets from cyber thieves, misuse, or human error.

Any business login page can use PassHopr and increase its security with active passwords. All that is needed is a PassHopr API Key Pair and the installation of a few lines of code on your login page. Our Interactive API displays login modals for your users to submit their login credentials to PassHopr and our REST API handles the authentication in a secure server-to-server link.

Yes! PassHopr automatically includes two factors in formulas. It is the only authentication solution with this feature. A two-factor formula includes a fixed part of a password (something you know) and a dynamic part (something you have). Both parts are represented in a single password so user login is fast and simple.

Yes. Users can see password hopping® in action with our easy multi-day demo for free at no risk to them. We also have a free trial for businesses to use PassHopr prior to making a commitment. Use the orange buttons on our site pages to sign up for either one.

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