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hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions

Introducing the Login Zen Blog

Login Zen

The growth of data breaches is forcing security professionals to put more burdens on the user at the login page.  With questionable security benefit, many of the login features only frustrate and interrupt the user experience. And new forms of login, such as facial recognition, are proposed to replace passwords. Something is wrong with the login process as we know it today. We write about returning to a simple and secure login experience where security officials and users can work together. We all need better security, but not at the expense of privacy and simplicity.

Zen is a word that means “peace.”  The idea is to be in a place without frustration or anxiety, or risk. When I first thought of rebranding the Hopr blog to a new name, I was searching for something simple that would easily describe what hopr was about, and it had to have meaning for a  broad audience. Our audience is everyone who uses a password to access digital information.  It is global, spans teenagers to aging senior citizens and people with no technical understanding to professional IT engineers. That’s a pretty broad audience, but that is exactly the audience that Hopr intends to reach. The reasons hopr was formed has a lot to do with rebellion against the digital status quo of businesses and software vendors who make the rules about access control and security. The history of privacy loss and data breaches is clear evidence that something is badly broken at the login page. In their pursuit of security the digital guardians do a good job of irritating, impeding, distracting, and frustrating their customers as they try to enter the front door to transact business. I don't know of many brick and mortar businesses that would last long if they irritated every customer or employee that came through the door! So Login Zen (peace) is a good description of hopr's goal as its on a mission to change the future with technology that is people friendly yet secure.

Why we need it

Login Zen provides views, thinking, strategies, and techniques from hopr. We’ll help you find and reach Zen in a crazy digital world where security methods damage the user experience and today’s access control solutions are failing to prevent breaches and data loss. We’ve learned a lot dissecting some of the big and serious data breaches over the past several years. We continually scour many online resources that track data breaches and digital security issues and we condense all of that knowledge into simple language that is understandable by common people (most of us without PhDs). We’ve learned a lot about the state of access control, security vulnerabilities, threat trends, and the people we trust who are charged with protecting your data (and theirs). Some of it has been surprising, and through Login Zen, we’ll share those stories with you. We pledge to Keep It Simple. In fact, we believe that simple is often the better solution even with technology because simpler solutions are less failure prone (we’ll explain more in future blogs).

What we will write about

Login Zen will talk about problems we all face with frustrating login experiences, bad login security practices, and interruptions to our login activity that slow us down from getting things done. We’ll also talk about the security side of login. After all, that is the reason login pages exist! But so often the login page for a network, website, or digital resource is only a facade that hides bad security. Whether you’re a security professional or a customer looking for businesses that you can trust, Login Zen will keep you informed about features and trends on your security. In addition to simplicity and security, we’re big on privacy. We believe that when you provide your personal data to a business, it should keep it private. While no one is perfect, we know that a lot more can be done to ensure your digital privacy, and we’ll help you understand the pros and cons of your options.

Is Login Zen important?

The goal of login zen is to become a voice for reason against the many ideas, concepts, policies, and technologies that complicate and frustrate users in the simple activity of logging in to a network or online site…. what technology people call “authentication.” The idea of Login Zen is important because it brings simplicity, privacy, and security to an otherwise risky, slow, and frustrating activity. How many brick and mortar business do you know of that irritate their customers when they approach the front door? Why do online businesses in a digital economy think they can do that and keep customers? We’re about changing the future and returning peace to the login process so customers, employers, and users of protected digital resources access those resources with zen (peace).

Can the future really be different?

Maybe you’re one of those people who like the convenience of technology and will accept just about any amount of login frustration or interruptions to your access because you think it’s worth it for what is behind the locked door. So you put up with CAPTCHAs, picking out cars and bridges from photos, answering security questions about your pet, or opening other apps to get a special code that will expire in 20 secs (or even worse having to find your smartphone that you left in another room). But it needn’t be that way. You can make a difference and the future can be different.  History has shown that the marketplace will listen to customers. After all, every business needs customers, and digital business have global access to them. The problem in a digital economy is one of scale. It takes many more voices to be heard by digital companies with billions of prospects and customers. I believe that banding together in a community of users passionate for simplicity in security and privacy is essential to change the future.

You are the hero

We share your frustration and pain (we’ve experienced it too) and hopr is committed to helping your voice be heard so you can change the future and find your Login Zen. Are you ready to take action to protect yourself and end your login frustration? Hopr is ready to help and guide you! Through this blog, we'll share tips, techniques, tools, and relevant information that will help you become a hero.  Getting started on the path to becoming your own hero is easy and only requires a little knowledge and preparation. We’ll help you get that.

What you can do today!

To get started, sign up for the PassHopr demo, by clicking the orange button at the top of this page. This is a 'no risk' demo of password hopping™ one of the key tools you'll want to use to reach Login Zen. And we promise not to spam your inbox. But we’ll send periodic informative and high quality educationla emails to help you continue your journey to Login Zen.

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