hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
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Stronger and Simpler Access Control

Outdated access control technology is vulnerable to hackers
dangers at your login page

Is Your Business In Jeopardy?

Stolen account Data

Over 9 billion accounts have been breached and their private data exposed online by cybercriminals

static credentials

Authentication systems that rely on static credentials (passwords or biometrics) give cyberthieves time to break security, steal, and misuse the credentials

Weak passwords

One weak password can put your entire access control system at risk of breach

Self-Hosted Authentication Technology

Free, home-built, and self-hosted authentication systems are at a disadvantage against hackers with sophisticated tools, access, and time


PassHopr Login is Authentication-as-a-Service (AaaS) controls access without adding friction for the user. Our solutions are built on our patent pending Password Hopping® technology. 

No stored passwords to be stolen

PassHopr Login is Pain Relief for CISOs

no stored passwords to be stolen

Passwords are never stored and only constructed at time of need using a multi-rule formula

dynamic passwords are stronger

Dynamic passwords are short-lived and disposable so their security strength is a combination of the password and its short lifetime and just the password

No Weak passwords

Our Password Hopping® algorithm guarantees that a weak or reused password will never occur

Continuously upgraded technology

Skilled cyber professionals and continuous security technology improvements assure your authentication is strong whether your a small business or global conglomerate


PassHopr Login provides analytics for activity at your login page. Monitor trends, login activity levels, security alerts, and more

Strengthen ACCESS Control at your Login Page

PassHopr Login strengthens login security with dynamic passwords
that rob cyberthieves of time without irritating customers

PassHopr Login delights customers with a simpler experience and security they can see and understand

Security must be simple for users if it is to be effective. PassHopr Login is Authentication-as-a-Service that guarantees stronger security and simplicity.

PassHopr Login is available for any size business and any access control situation

PassHopr Login is a complete login system built on password hopping™ to create active passwords with automatic 2FA and it eliminates stored passwords

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. PassHopr Login is offered as a supplemental login method similar to social logins like Google and Facebook. But you may wish to consider PassHopr Login as a full replacement to your existing authentication system because it completely eliminates stored passwords (a key target for cybercriminals) and weak passwords without frustrating your customers

Very little code is required to use PassHopr Login. You'll need to add a small amount of code to your login page and some on your webserver to use our two APIs. You'll also need an Key Pair for each login page (URL) where you'll use PassHopr Login.

Yes. When you signup for PassHopr Login and get your API Key Pair you receive a free 30-day trial for testing. You should use this account with a demo or mirror URL of your login system and we will work with you to help integrate, test, and survey your customers during the trial period.

Yes. As a AaaS we support all PassHopr Personal and Business clients with technical support via web (knowledge base), chat, email, and SMS text message (limited to specific plans). Your customers receive technical support just like they were ours (that's because they are!). We take technical support seriously.

Service interruptions are rare, but they do happen and cannot be anticipated at times. Like the Internet itself, PassHopr relies on infrastructure operated by major telecommunications providers. Our servers and systems are distributed to minimize unanticipated outages. Uptime is a measure that we define in the Service Level Agreement in each of our business plans.

Customer Experience

Yes. Your customers can easily opt in and opt out of the service when PassHopr is a supplemental login service to your existing authentication solution. To opt in, they click the text link "Signup for PassHopr" on your login page. Signup is easy and quick and we provide an automatic formula to get them started and logged in to your site right away. Opt out is just as easy. Customers merely stop using PassHopr and return to using your authentication system with their new static password.

Your existing customers can start using PassHopr Login as soon as it is active on your login page. A "Signup for PassHopr" text link starts a simple and quick process. Each signup is a FREE PassHopr Personal account. We provide an automatic formula and news headlines. Their password will hop daily for 30 days, and we email them headlines for their formula and password each day.

Yes. Each customer that signs up to use PassHopr Login on your site is a PassHopr Personal customer. We know that technical support is essential to the customer experience, and your customers will receive our legendary technical support that includes web (knowledge base and videos), chat, and email support

Passwords and login are frustration and pain points for people. PassHopr makes them simple and secure. Your customers only need to remember a simple formula. PassHopr does the rest. We send them news headlines whenever their password hops. Using their formula to find their HIPS Word in a headline is simple and painless.

Its FREE FOREVER! PassHopr Personal is free for personal use. There is no charge for the basic service. Some premium features may include a charge.


PassHopr Login is a separate authentication system that is external to your business authentication practices and policies. This is a good thing because PassHopr Login provides stronger security with a simpler user experience. It does not require CAPTCHAs, RECAPTCHAs, Security Questions, or even 2FA codes because the security of all of those methods are built into Password Hopping®, but without the pain users often experience.

All other authentications use static passwords or credentials that seldom change. This leaves them vulnerable to theft and misuse for a long period of time. Dynamic passwords created by Password Hopping® are more secure because they change frequently. They are strong and automatically replaced. There security strength is a combination of time and the password rather than the password alone.

Yes. Say goodbye to weak passwords! PassHops guarantees all passwords are strong dynamic passwords. Our Password Hopping® algorithm ensures that formulas create strong passwords and matched to their intended lifetime. Shorter hopping cycles have simpler passwords and longer hopping cycles have longer passwords.

Yes. PassHopr's Password Hopping algorithm ensures that HIPS Words provided to customers are unique and not reused. So every new dynamic password is guaranteed to be different from any that have been used previously.

As a PassHopr Business subscriber you have control over options for security configuration for your site, such as setting the number of login attempts and their failure responses. However, as PassHopr Personal subscribers, your customers and employees have sole control of their formulas and hopping schedule. 

PassHopr Login (business) plans include authentication analytics so business owners and operators can understand what is happening at their login page. PassHopr provides a dashboard with analytics so you can understand login trends, monthly activity changes, activity levels by customer, and security anomalies and alerts.