hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
hopr develops stronger and simpler access control solutions
PassHopr Personal password management for dynamic passwords

Simpler and Stronger Dynamic Passwords

Outdated access control technology is vulnerable to hackers

dangers to your privacy and security

Are Passwords A Pain?

Data Breaches

Private data from over 9 billion accounts have been exposed online by cybercriminals. Your data could be next, and it may be months before you would know.

static passwords

If your passwords are static (even if they are strong passwords), then they have a long lifetime that gives cyberthieves time to misuse them

Weak And REUSED passwords

Annual studies indicate that weak passwords are still prevalent. And policies and guidance on password creation varies and is confusing. But one weak or reused password by an administrator can put your entire life at risk to identity theft.

PassWord frustration

Remembering different passwords for all of your sites is incredibly difficult. Password managers, vaults, and wallets help with this.  But they can be difficult to use consistently.

Simply Stronger security

PassHopr Personal is a FREE personal password service that simply ends password pain without compromising your security and privacy. Our patent pending Password Hopping® system makes password login simple and secure again

As simple as
reading the news

PassHopr was built from a desire to make people safe online. Our vision is that people could easily know their passwords just by reading the news. And it all starts with a formula

Never Forget a Password Again

PassHopr Personal is simply stronger password management

PassHopr Personal is
Painkiller for Passwords

Stronger Dynamic Passwords

Dynamic passwords are short-lived and disposable, so their security strength is a combination of the password and its short lifetime and not just the password

Easy to Remember

Never forget a password again. Just remember a simple personal formula. PassHopr sends an email with news headlines whenever your password hops

No Weak Passwords

Create your own personal Password Hopping® formula and we guarantee that your password will always be strong

No Reused Passwords

Every one of your dynamic passwords will be unique. Our Password Hopping® algorithm guarantees that no dynamic password is ever reused.

No stored Passwords

Dynamic passwords are never stored and are only constructed at when you login to a site, If they were ever exposed there would be little risk because they would hop to a new password frequentl

Frequently Asked Questions


Password Hopping® is a technology that automatically creates dynamic passwords. They are dynamic because passwords hop (change) on a secret schedule known only to you and PassHopr.  Each time a hop occurs, PassHopr emails news headlines to you. Simply use the headlines with your secret “formula” and construct your dynamic password. 

A PassHopr formula is a simple set of easy-to-remember rules (instructions) for password creation. The rules used in a formula identify the position of a word within a news headline (we call this a HIPS Word because it is hidden in plain sight), and other alterations to the HIPS Word. Headlines change with time, and when a hop occurs PassHopr grabs the headline to email to you and saves it to construct your new dynamic password whenever needed. 

Yes. We provide technical support via web (knowledge base), chat, email, and SMS text message (limited to specific plans). We take technical support seriously.

Customer Experience

Because you only have to remember one formula instead of many complicated passwords. You create a personal secret formula and have control of it's rules. We recommend Password Hopping® on a daily schedule because daily formulas are simpler and easier to remember and use. And they are convenient to include in a daily routine that helps form a good security habit.

Its FREE FOREVER! PassHopr Personal is free for personal use. There is no charge for the basic service. Some premium features may incur a small fee.

PassHopr Personal is in beta testing. We are excited you would like to sign up! To get started, sign up for our demo via the button at the top of this page. You'll get to experience the simplicity of Password Hopping® and we'll add you to our list and let you know when the service is live.

Yes. In some instances PassHopr Personal subscribers are automatically provided a TRIAL formula to help them get started quickly and become familiar with Password Hopping®. Subscribers can edit their formulas or create a new formula in their PassHopr account. The hopping cycle can be changed, too.


The security of PassHopr and dynamic passwords is visible and experienced each time your password hops. Because the strength of dynamic passwords includes a time factor, passwords with shorter lifetimes are intuitively stronger. And, passwords with short lifetimes can be simpler, too, without compromising security. That makes them easy to remember and use. We recommend daily Password Hopping® for this reason. 

Password security (strength) is technically computed from the number of characters and the randomness of the password. But the growth in stolen credentials from data breaches has shown that even accounts with strong passwords are vulnerable. So security is more than just a technical computation. Password Hopping creates dynamic passwords that are short-lived and disposable. So, even if a dynamic password is stolen the period of time it could be misused can be very short. Dynamic passwords are more secure because their security strength is determined by the combination of the password and time.

Yes. Say goodbye to weak passwords! PassHopr's Password Hopping® algorithm guarantees that every formula will create strong passwords. The structure of formulas are matched with a password's lifetime. Shorter hopping cycles use formulas that construct simpler passwords and longer hopping cycles use formulas that construct longer passwords.

Yes. PassHopr's Password Hopping® algorithm ensures that HIPS Words provided to customers in news headlines are never reused. So every new dynamic password is guaranteed to be different from any of your previous passwords.