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Stop cyber theft and build customer loyalty at your login page


PassHopr protects login access without adding friction for the user. Our solutions are built on our patent pending password hopping® technology. A special algorithm uses dynamic information hidden in plain sight and hops (changes) them on a user-selected schedule

The Secret is in the Formula

Formulas are an important part of password hopping®. Users create personal 'formulas' that identify the location of information hidden in plain sight and alterations that convert it into a strong passcode that only the use will know.

Strengthen your Login Page in 3 easy steps

If your login page uses static passwords, these three steps strengthen security and build customer loyalty

Signup for a PassHopr 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a one-time code to block false logins. Usually, a secret code is texted to the users mobile phone and they use it as a 'second factor' to complete login. Login systems using traditional fixed credentials (passwords or biometrics) are vulnerable to a data breach because cyber thieves use their advantage of time. 

Unlike other 2FA SMS solutions, that are vulnerable to multiple "man-in-the-middle" attacks. PassHopr 2FA is the only SMS 2FA solution with password hopping technology to hide the passcode in plain sight.

PassHopr 2FA is the only SMS text 2FA system that protects against man-in-the-middle attacks

PassHopr Lite adds a "Login With PassHopr" option to your login page

About twenty lines of code added to your site's sign-in page enables PassHopr's  Interactive API via Javascript.  When integrated with your existing authentication system, a "Login With PassHopr" button lets your customers use password hopping® on your site. TLS security is used for all API communications. PassHopr pairs customer logins directly with their accounts on the first login to ensure security.

A few lines of code added to your signin page provides the a PassHopr signin button to customers

PassHopr Login is a complete login system eliminating stored passwords

PassHopr Login eliminates stored passwords! Your users' passwords become 'active' with dynamic credentials with password hopping® formulas and include automatic 2FA. It is the strongest and simplest login system available and it wins customer loyalty while stopping cyber thieves. 

Your login page is secure and customers will love the simplicity and ease of password hopping®. Business loyalty grows when customers personally experience the real security PassHopr Login provides!

PassHopr Login is a complete login system built on password hopping™ to create active passwords with automatic 2FA and it eliminates stored passwords

Your login page is an opportunity to build your brand. Customer loyalty and trust grow when they are not confronted with frustrating security questions, CAPTCHAs, tests, and complex rules. When you use PassHopr, you stop cyber thieves at the login page and your customers see security that they can understand and trust.